Jason's Deli celebrates 40th anniversary, looks to expand

Employees, friends, family members, Beaumont Diocese clergy members, civic leaders, and many businessmen and women gathered Wednesday, Nov. 30, at the original Jason’s Deli location at Gateway Shopping Center for a customer appreciation day to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the restaurant, which started as a mom and pop sandwich shop but has steadily grown to a national franchise and is looking to expand even further.

Lamar University dedicates Wayne A. Reaud Building

Lamar University formally dedicated the Wayne A. Reaud Building on Friday, Dec. 2, before a crowd of university faculty, staff, students and administrators joined by many others from the Southeast Texas community including Huntsman Corporation founder Jon Huntsman Sr. and Distinguished Alumnus and Beaumont attorney Wayne Reaud, whom the building is named after.

$4.5 million grant awarded to Jefferson County from Deepwater Horizon funds

A grant of $4.5 million was awarded to Jefferson County by the Gulf Environmental Benefits Fund to construct two freshwater siphons that will restore freshwater flow to 18,000 acres of wetlands within the Salt Bayou Watershed, the largest contiguous estuarine marsh complex in Texas. The siphons will reconnect freshwater flows from north of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) to the fragile coastal wetlands to the south.

Jersey hairdresser trades in her scissors for welding torch

A young hairdresser from southern New Jersey leaves her family and home to follow her welder boyfriend to a job in Southeast Texas. The relationship doesn’t work out. Now alone, far from her Yankee upbringing, she realizes that a welder’s salary trumps her cosmetology degree. So what does she do? She trades in her scissors for a torch and enrolls in a welding program.
Sound like a pitch for a network sitcom? It could be a first-season hit, but this is real life for Michelle Dillon, a 31-year-old welding student at Lamar Institute of Technology.