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5 Under Golf Center

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    5 Under Golf Center

Whether you’re looking for top-of-the-line golf gear from all the best brands, a fun Friday night out on the town with friends or the perfect place to practice your swing, 5 Under Golf Center in Beaumont offers its clientele plenty of outstanding options.

Selling the five hottest brands of golfing merchandise, offering four Topgolf Swing Suite simulation bays and serving up finger foods, fine cuisine and a selection of top-shelf beverages, 5 Under Golf Center has something for everyone.

“Our business is centered around five things,” said 5 Under President Austin Williams. “Games (Topgolf Swing Suite, Toptracer Range), learning( PGA Professional Instruction), equipment (brand name equipment), entertainment (live music and fun) and partnerships(Topgolf, Western Son and more).”

Customers will find all five under one roof at 5 Under Golf Center, as well as the Top 5 brands in golf merchandise. The retail side sells Ping, Adidas, Travis Mathew, Peter Millar, Cleveland/Srixon and too many to name. 

“Five major brands get 90 percent of the golf business, and the idea was that our retail business would be centered around those five major brands,” Williams explained, adding that he really wanted to bring more to Beaumont than simply another retail store. He wanted to provide a place for people to shop, play, eat, drink and just relax. 

“Retailers are shuttering across the country. Those spaces are going to be filled in with entertainment venues, whether it’s a place like this, a pub, a restaurant,” said Williams. “That’s where retail space and venues are trending.” 

Walking into 5 Under Golf Center, customers can take a close-up look at golf gear, sunglasses, shirts, hats and accessories. They even sell Marvel-themed golf balls for kids! Peruse the shelves and racks of premier merchandise on your way to the restaurant where you can order from a variety of finger foods and full entrees. General Manager Chris Clark and team designed the menu geared toward Southeast Texas tastes. 

“Our menu is specially designed for finger foods, so we have a ton of appetizers,” said Clark. “We also have an excellent selection of full entrees. We have seven signature dishes with steaks, chicken, fish and shrimp options. We have aspects of Topgolf’s menu as well, such as the sliders and things like that. We were then able to tailor our menu to the regional area. A lot of the stuff has a Southeast Texas twist. Cajun food is popular in the area, so the Crawfish Queseaux served with pork rinds has been a huge hit.”

Choose from items like the Kobe Bogey Burger, the Mac-Ilroy Burger, the 9th Hole Nachos, the Par 5-ounce Filet, Baba Booey Bombs and Injectable Donut Holes. Then quench your thirst with fresh-brewed sweet tea, soda or something more spirited from the full-service bar available at 5 Under.

Watch the game on one of 41 55-inch televisions dotting the walls. On big game days, gather at the bar with friends to watch on the 165-inch wall of TVs, and order all the wings you can eat. 

Experience virtual golf and games galore at the four simulation bays available for rent by the hour. Up to eight people per bay can play multiple games to help train for the pros or have an awesome night out. 

“Zombie dodge ball is popular with children and adults,” said Clark, “as are the carnival games.” 

There is also baseball, hockey and soccer, and all the tools needed to play, like hockey sticks, soccer balls and golf clubs. “The bays are designed for safety,” he added, “so balls won’t be bouncing around all over the place while you play.” 

Traditional Topgolf games offer varying levels of difficulty ranging from beginner to advanced. Players can also play 18 holes of virtual golf at 80-plus golf courses, like Pebble Beach. 

“It shows all their aspects – the sand, the houses, the trees,” said Clark. “These bays can also be used for training programs. Julie Aime, who is on the Symetra Tour, actually comes here and practices. She can practice in here and see her swing. The sensor lines up to where the ball is, and you’ll see exactly what your trajectory, your fade, your draw, all of that is.”

Retail guests also benefit from the state-of-the-art simulation bays and can try out new clubs to test them before buying. 

“We specialize in custom fitting clubs and PGA Professionals on staff to teach lessons. We have a dedicated space for golf club repair as well,” said Clark.

Williams said that customers will have a lot more space to practice and play when the outdoor area opens early in 2020. 5 Under is building a two-story structure with Toptracer Range technology, Power Tee in all of the 20 outdoor bays, 10 on each floor, that can accommodate up to six guests each. The outdoor patio area will have approximately 12-14 tables, a bar, a place for yard games and a stage for live music wired to play through all the speakers at the center. 

5 Under Golf Center is located at 5945 College Street in Beaumont. It is open from 9 a.m. to midnight on Sunday through Thursday and until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. Call (409) 232-0205, email them or visit the website at for more information. To make a reservation, download the OpenTable app now (dining only). Conference room available.

-Sharon Brooks