New Beaumont Checkers offers job opportunities

  • Checkers now has two Beaumont locations, both of which are hiring.
    Checkers now has two Beaumont locations, both of which are hiring.

Scott Sebastien, Checkers & Rally's multi-unit franchisee, opened a new Checkers location in Beaumont Dec. 28, and Operator Shane Matheson said the new store offers employment opportunities, even as unemployment rates remain high due to pandemic-related losses many businesses have suffered.

Matheson operates Sebastien’s six locations, with four in Louisiana and two in Beaumont including the new one at 4215 E. Lucas Drive.

“We have three in Lake Charles and one in Sulphur,” Matheson described. “I probably employ about 50 people at this new location right now. That would be my estimate… I feel good about that.”

Matheson has been with the Checkers & Rally family for 26 years, and he credits owner Sebastien with being a “good owner” who treats his managers and staff well, evidenced by the fact that Matheson is not the only longtime leader in the local franchise.

“The manager who runs 11th Street has been with us for 26 years, and the manager that will be running Lucas has also been with us for 26 years,” he shared. “The owner has had them since Day 1.”

Matheson said it was customers who requested a second Beaumont location, and the Checkers team started searching for the perfect place for the new store.

“We have the one on 11th Street, and it’s done well in the community for a while,” said Matheson. “It’s become a popular spot, and guests have been asking for a while when we would open another location.  So, we felt it was time for another Beaumont location. We went around town and looked at a bunch of different areas. When we saw the Lucas location, we were excited about the potential that was there.”

Matheson revealed that he was a little concerned about staffing the new store because he has had some difficulty getting employees at the Lake Charles locations, which – besides simply suffering from COVID’s economic effects – were impacted by both Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta in 2020. But opening the new restaurant in the Lone Star State has its benefits, he asserted.

“Texas does things a little different, so I have not had a problem getting employees at the 11th Street or Lucas locations,” Matheson remarked, adding that there are still opportunities available. “We’ve had lots of applications coming in. We’re still hiring.”

Matheson said Checkers offers “bold flavor at a reasonable price.”

“We have our famous seasoned fries, which have been voted the No. 1 fries for a number of years,” said Matheson. "We sell all kinds of chicken. We have wings, mozzarella sticks, funnel fries, ice cream. Our sweet side is kind of a new thing. We also have Chill Stop, which is Fanta slushes.”

Checkers is open from 10 a.m. every morning until midnight Sunday-Wednesday and until 1 a.m. Thursday-Saturday. Visit one of the two Beaumont locations at 490 N. 11th St. or 4215 E. Lucas Drive to try their famous fries or other menu items