Port of Beaumont operating normally, taking precautions amid COVID-19 pandemic

  • Port of Beaumont continues ops while taking precautions amid COVID-19 concerns.
    Port of Beaumont continues ops while taking precautions amid COVID-19 concerns.

The Port of Beaumont released a statement March 16 indicating that the port is taking additional precautions amid coronavirus concerns but so far has been able to maintain regular service levels and normal operating hours.

In the event COVID-19 warrants facility closures, the port advised, the public would be notified through the Port of Beaumont website (portofbeaumont.com) and primary social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). As always, the Port of Beaumont is working closely with, and following instruction from, the federal agencies responsible for screening the vessels that prepare to call on area ports.

β€œThe well-being of Port of Beaumont employees, tenants, contractors, customers and the community are a top priority as we navigate this outbreak and the short and long-term impacts it will have on our region,” says Port Director Chris Fisher.β€œ The Port will continue to closely monitor and respond to COVID-19 to ensure our community remains safe and operations move forward, so long as it does not jeopardize the health of our team.”

Port of Beaumont is taking the following ongoing COVID-19 prevention efforts:

Attendance at external events has been suspended.

Social distancing measures have been implemented and employees are encouraged to conduct external meetings via teleconference.

Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting measures have been implemented to include: additional sanitizer in high-traffic areas; additional disinfecting of meeting spaces; and more frequent general cleaning.

Flexible work options are being offered to port employees who are able to telework.

Port of Beaumont public tours have been suspended until further notice.

All non-essential travel for port employees has been suspended until further notice.

As an economic engine in Southeast Texas, the Port of Beaumont has a responsibility to the community to keep freight moving, which fuels growth and supports jobs. Port customers, tenants and employees are taking the necessary precautions to keep the Port fully operational and thus far, no adverse effects to shipping activity have been seen.