Beaumont CVB launches Localist Program for residents to celebrate city, encourage tourism

  • Beaumont CVB launches Localist Program.
    Beaumont CVB launches Localist Program.


We don't know about you, but this year has felt like a constant barrage of bad news – both locally and nationally, which is why the Beaumont CVB has launched the Localist Program. It's a concerted effort to change the narrative, drown out the noise, and bring some much-needed positivity and light to the Southeast Texas community through those who take pride in celebrating their hometown.

The Localists are a group of passionate residents who embody the Beaumont spirit. In their own words, they already see Beaumont as a vibrant place with a wild and diverse untapped potential. Through showcasing our unique experiences through the eyes of a visitor, we're asking them to embody our slogan, “Texas-friendly, Bayou fun” and buy into the mission.

Marketing Director Christina Lokey explains, “Not only are the locals a vital touchpoint for tourists, but an untapped market given the rise in staycations and weekend road trips in the current economic climate.”

Anyone who wants to participate can sign up for monthly tasks that include visiting their favorite places to eat, things to do, and places to play in Beaumont and the surrounding area. There are pre-and post-activity surveys to document how the experience went and share feedback on how they can be improved. As a reward for completing the assignments and sharing the experience on social media, participants will earn Beaumont-branded swag from t-shirts to mugs with the chance to “level up” with new projects each month.

The Beaumont Localist Program is open to the public and to anyone who wants to join. Sign up today or learn more at

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On the border between Louisiana and the Lone Star State, Beaumont is a little bit Cajun, a lot Texan, and 100% unique for the South. Come explore the bayous, birding, and unique culinary landscape and see where the world was changed forever in America's original Boomtown.

– Beaumont CVB